SEVENTEEN Begins New Era With “Attacca” + Drops MV For “Rock With You”

After four months since their last release with their eighth mini-album, “Your Choice,” Global K-Pop Powerhouse, SEVENTEEN, has begun a new era! On October 22, the 13 member group dropped their ninth mini-album titled, “Attacca,” which features 7 tracks, all written and produced by the members. Included in the album is the title track, “Rock with you,” “To You,” “Crush,” unit songs, “PANG!” (Performance Unit) “Imperfect love,” (Vocal Unit) “I can’t run away,” (Hip Hop Unit) and bonus track, 2 MINUS 1, an all-English song written and sung by Joshua and Vernon.

We were able to attend the global press conference for the album in which the members talked about the meaning behind “Attacca,” the story behind their title track, “Rock with you,” doing promotions without members Jun and The8 (who are currently in China working on solo activities) and the goals they wish to achieve with this release. Leader S. Coups kicked off the press con by introducing the new album stating, “We’ve come back with our ninth mini album after four months but we’re happy to be able to show our fans good music in such a short amount of time. Our last album also received more love than we’d expected, so we were happy while preparing for this one.” Woozi and DK shared the meaning behind the album and the message they wanted to convey, “Rather than basing it on specific experiences, SEVENTEEN’s music flows naturally as time goes on. We always get together to discuss what we can do best right now and what stories that are most like ‘us’ that we can share. Through this, we naturally connected good songs and good albums, this time with the title track ‘Rock with you,'” says Woozi. DK shared that they “wanted to show a new level of depth and maturity with this song. With ‘Power of Love,’ we wanted to show various stories about love, and this album is about ‘passion’ in love.” With Jun and The8 not around for the last quarter of 2021, Seungkwan shared how much they all miss each other, “We’ve been together as 13 members since our debut, so we definitely feel their absence. We miss them not just during promotions, but in our everyday lives as well. We did a pre-recorded performance earlier today and they thanked us for filling up their parts well. We often contact each other and we’re cheering each other on.” It can also be recalled that back in July, all 13 members renewed their contracts with their agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, in which S. Coups said, “We’d built up a lot of faith with our agency over time, so we decided to renew our contracts. They’ve spent a long time with us, they took good care of us, and they know us really well, so we thought that they’d be of great help in the future that we wanted to create for ourselves. To be honest, we didn’t even have to think about renewing our contracts. We believed that all 13 of us would stay with this agency and showed great trust in each other.” While SEVENTEEN have earned many achievements over the years, Seungkwan shared that a No. 1 on the Billboard 200 is a goal that they’d like to achieve, with Vernon adding, “They say that we should shoot for the moon so as to land among the stars even if we miss. We talked about that in the practice room, so we decided to set the big goal of No. 1.”

SEVENTEEN is known to break records, with “Attacca” surpassing 1.41 million in stock pre-orders in just the first day! They continue to be a humble group by thanking their staff and all of those who worked hard on the album, and thanked their CARAT as well for such achievements. The music video for their title track, “Rock with you,” has surpassed more than 7 million views under 24 hours and features a more mature side to the group. The vocals, visuals and of course, stunning synchronized choreography is all included in the music video which you can watch down below. “Rock with you” has also hit No. 1 on Line Music’s album chart in Japan, iTunes charts in multiple countries and reached No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums charts in multiple regions. “Attacca” is now available on all streaming platforms. Congratulations, SEVENTEEN!

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