K-Pop Boy Group, TRENDZ, Releases Inspiring 3rd Single Album, “STILL ON MY WAY”


TRENDZ is sticking by their name and trending on social media after the release of their 3rd single album, “STILL ON MY WAY” after closing out the story of their latest “BLUE SET” series. “STILL ON MY WAY” shares the stories of members HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL, and YECHAN all growing, moving forward, and running towards their dreams. The 3rd single album features three brand-new tracks from the group, including: “ven conmingo,” “O.Y.E.” and the album’s title track, “MY WAY.”

Through the new album, the members were also able to showcase their songwriting skills! HANKOOK, ra.L, and YECHAN participated in the writing for “ven conmingo,” while they also teamed up to create the lyrics for the track, “O.Y.E.” For the title track, “MY WAY,” a drum/bass clad song, was written by members ra.L and YECHAN.

In regards to the release of “STILL ON MY WAY,” TRENDZ shared, “During the whole process of making STILL ON MY WAY, we were excited and happy to create another layer of memories. Our title track “MY WAY” is an emotional song that will bring overwhelming feelings by listening to it, therefore, we hope everyone to be even happier when they’re happy, and feel better when they’re having a hard time just by listening to this song. Please look forward to TRENDZ’s growth during this promotion!”

“STILL ON MY WAY” is now available on all music streaming platforms worldwide!

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