MAMAMOO’s HWASA Makes Solo Comeback After Two Years With New Single, “I Love My Body”


MAMAMOO’s HWASA makes her highly-anticipated return with solo music through her newest single, “I Love My Body.” This comeback occurs after two years since her last solo release, and is her first release since joining P NATION back in June of this year. HWASA shared her thoughts on returning with solo music stating, “It’s been a very long time. It seems like I cannot even remember what thoughts have been blocking me until now. One thing is certain, that I am truly happy and thankful.”

“I Love My Body” is just what it sounds like – an encouraging and powerful track written for listeners to embrace and love every aspect of themselves. A song that highlights how critical society is towards physical appearances and expectations of what exactly falls under the “beautiful” standard. HWASA has also been known for being such a strong voice for those dealing with these kinds of issues, and what better way to share how she truly feels than through music?

Check out the visual down below and be sure to add “I Love My Body” to your playlists, now available on all music streaming platforms worldwide!

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